Tera online underwear slot

tera online underwear slot

Slot Teamspeak Server – ~30 jährige Member ONLINE. 0 IN CHAT. Enter chat room Founded. June 7, TERA Tom Clancy's. I am looking into starting Tera, though I have played other MMO's before. I see that if I add slots as needed I get exp bonus to level faster. . All underwear and innerwear does function as armor. ekoblogas.info Tera - Online -PC/ dp/BI0HJG8/ref=sr_1_4?s=videogames&ie=UTF8&. Server Status: Online .. That's a throwback to , where underwear was an actual gear slot and had replaceable gear you could craft. . Well they could do it like in Tera where your undergarments / Innerwear is basically.

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★ ArcheAge ★ - How to get your Undergarment (v3.0b) Low-effort posts, complaint posts without discussion value, or recent reposts are subject to removal at the moderators' discretion. Maybe these go in the "Innerwear" slot? An I honestly just want cute panties for my character. Sorc and mystic are both fine for solo play as www.rv wetten.de sorc just got a rework it is very nice to play. As far as I know there's an innerwear slot, a weapon costume slot, a mask slot, and a hat slot. Game Guide Learn about the world of TERA Server Status View server options and availability. Sign In with Enmasse Forums. There were only 2 sets of underwear. These range from Additional Character Slots , the new Soulbinder's Key, through to the brand-new underwear. Aside from a very, very few light armor pieces, BRDs practically have a monopoly on it all. tera online underwear slot Which is better used elsewhere. With the new patch you'll be able to have up to 4 additional characters on the servers. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! It's overused and annoying imo. Sign In Create an Account Cancel. In Open Beta the cap was lvl on all 3 skills. Ayi over 5 years ago. Loot Boxes - Don't do it! En Masse should make that slot into undershirts if theyre not gonna use um otherwise. Not enough people are vocal enough about how they receive nothing, from countless amounts of boxes, other than MA, spellbinds, etc, so I'm simply doing everyone a solid and giving fair warning. BECAUSE THAT IS HOW THEY MAKE MONEY IN KOREA. Learn more about the world of TERA Create account. For All 2 Days Attributes of these items Underwear: Chest of Unveiling Contains one of the following potions: Personally, I'd like to see more adventurer clothes, not really real life clothing. Never expect to get anything useful from .

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